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Long live the friendship in BDSwiss

Posted by wpadmin on

Long live the friendship in BDSwiss

binary-code-63529_960_720All traders, and also those who want to be able to just clear a super bonus at BDSwiss. Is it already an invaluable asset, as the top broker rewards loyal friendship with his latest offering again in addition. Who advertises a friend as a new dealer receives as a reward for a direct payment to his trading account.

The event is called, Refer a friend ‘(to German, reports a friend’) and works as follows: Each trader takes in his account summary menu item, invite a friend ‘. Just click on the button and opens the invitation page. The link to this page to be copied with a simple and sends it to the friend you would like to invite to action at BDSwiss. The can register via this link at BDSwiss subsequently. If he has now made his first deposit, the minimum is 100 euros, the buyer obtains a credit of 100 euros in his account.

But the new customer is not left empty-handed. He gets for its application also a bonus of 50 euros. Just because. Friendship can be so beautiful – and lucrative if one acts in BDSwiss. of course the bonus conditions of Brokers For the received bonuses. Before you can make a withdrawal, the bonus amount must have been turned over at least 30 times. An expiration time for this action does not yet exist. So: make the Circle hardworking advertising and tidy cash bonus.

The new trading app: With the little finger to the big money

A special service keeps Online Scam BDSwiss for its growing number of customers willing to mobil want trading. Just recently a brand new app for easy action via smartphone or tablet was released. With a few simple movements you have your complete portfolio under control and buy options when and where you want.

So my no trading opportunity missed more or has banned at home waiting outside the screen, if the investment income yields. The BDSwiss app is available for both Android smartphones and tablets as well as products made by Apple.

Great advantage of handheld platform

The great advantage of handheld platform is its simplicity and ease of use. Who is on the road required information at a glance, to be able to make meaningful trade decisions and then retain its open positions in mind. On the other hand, the functions must be designed so that they can be used intuitively and without much effort. All this is combined in the mobile software BDSwiss.

For financial service Tradologic offers to four basic models: BX Pros, BX Class, BX and BX zone 4Zones. The BX Pros Skin, which was designed especially for experienced traders, and has a new design and a guidance for the various practical tools. was newly incorporated a way to car trading, which set allows a trade is automatically repeated as long (same value itself use, same direction) until a purchased option out of the money ends.

Turbo function sorts the finished trades

The turbo function sorts the finished trades after the date of expiry in order to allow a better view of the trading activity. was also integrated the commercial type over / under, with which one can rely on the expiry of a price above or below a certain threshold. With the new BX Pros Skin is also the login be facilitated and the trader receives detailed charts for analysis.